Kotlin London Meetup

Kotlin London Meetup

The second virtual edition of the Kotlin London meetup is Wednesday, June 3rd at 6:00 p.m. BST.

Introduction to Kotlin Flow

After the concept of coroutine where you can perform anything off the main thread, Kotlin has introduced yet another cool concept called Flow. Flow allows you to manage your data stream asynchronously. This talk aims to cover how Flow can be used for your android application. (But the concept can be applied for any Kotlin codebase)

Following will be the key takeaways:

  1. Creating and cancelling the Flow
  2. Various flow operators
  3. Handling errors and exceptions
  4. How I use flow for my projects
  5. Testing your flow
  6. High-level comparison with RxJava

Unleashing more Kotlin power – in full-stack web applications

Unleashing more Kotlin power – in full-stack web applications In this talk, we will explore how Kotlin and its features around multiplatform projects can help tackle tasks around writing systems that are distributed across multiple platforms, such as server-client applications. In particular, we will look at how Kotlin for JVM and Kotlin/JS can play together, allowing us to share models, business logic, and most of all knowledge. We will get a broad overview of creating, managing and building such applications – all from within a single Gradle project, staying type-safe, and utilizing common and platform libraries.

We’ll also briefly talk about how we at JetBrains employ these Kotlin multiplatform features to prototype new ideas and realize products – from hackathon projects to JetBrains Space, our integrated team environment

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