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Kotlin Meetup in Eindhoven

Join Simon Vergauwen on October 11th for an introduction to functional programming in Kotlin at the Dutch Kotlin user group’s first Eindhoven meetup!

The event begins at 18:00 CEST, and features two presentations, food, drinks, and socializing.

Moving from Java to Kotlin – is it worth it? – a presentation by Urs Peter

Kotlin is the rising star on the JVM. Is it as bright as proclaimed? This talk will explore the journey you embark on when moving from Java to Kotlin. With many code samples, statistics, anecdotes, and a great deal of real-world experience, light will be shed on questions like “What were the benefits and drawbacks?’“, “How did we approach it?” …and most of all: “Was it worth it and why?”At the end of this talk, you will know in detail the differences between Java and Kotlin. You have learned what to gain and expect when embracing Kotlin and which best practices you can apply. With all the acquired information, you have all you need to evaluate whether Kotlin is worth a try.

Introductory talk to Functional Programming in Kotlin - a presentation by Simon Vergauwen

Type-safe builders allow creating Kotlin-based domain-specific languages (DSLs) suitable for building complex hierarchical data structures. We will look at how these builders work and see five additional patterns to create an expressive DSL.

Full event details and registration information can be found on the Dutch Kotlin User Group website.

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