Kotlin, from Zero to Pure Functional Programming Training

Kotlin, from Zero to Pure Functional Programming Training

In the Fall of 2020, the teams at Instil and 47 Degrees are joining forces to bring you a four day training course, Kotlin, from Zero to Functional Programming in Dublin, Ireland!

The format of the course will be two days of Kotlin fundamentals (via Instil’s Kotlin certified language course) followed by two days instruction in Pure Functional Programming (via 47 Degrees Arrow workshop).

By the end of the delivery delegates will be able to program using all the features of the Kotlin language, but in particular, have a detailed knowledge of advanced Functional Programming using Pure Functions, Immutable Data, Higher Kinded Types and Effects.

The course is comprised of 32 hours of material designed to take you from zero knowledge, to the ability to use Functional Programming in Kotlin with Arrow to build functional apps.

Garth Gilmour from Instil will be leading the first section of the course, while Raúl Raja from 47 Degrees will be leading the second portion of the training covering Functional Programming in Kotlin with the Arrow open source library.

The course will run during the Fall of 2020 in Dublin. There will be a limited number of spots available for this course.

Both 47 Degress and Instil are JetBrains Certified Training Partners for Kotlin.

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