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Kotlin Training Day

Join Alejandro Serrano and Simon Vergauwen on December 8th for a free day of Kotlin training!

Kotlin Training Day takes place in Amsterdam at the Xebia Office @ Amsterdam, and offers four half-day courses running from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

HTTP Applications with Ktor – by Alejandro Serrano

In this workshop, you’ll learn the fundamentals of Ktor, one of the most popular web frameworks in the Kotlin ecosystem. After learning how to get started, we’ll dive into a couple of the most interesting features Ktor brings to the table: type-safe routing (in both server and client), and their testing module. You’ll have the time to practice what you learn with exercises.

Deep dive into Kotlin Coroutines - by Simon Vergauwen

Taking a deep dive into Kotlin Coroutines, we’ll learn about what they are at the core and what kind of problems they solve. Learning about the intrinsics, cancellation, and concurrency we learn how to reason about Kotlin Coroutines to allow building complex workflows in simple and elegant ways using the Kotlin suspend system

This event is free for community members of the Dutch Kotlin User Group. And all it takes to become a member is to fill out the registration form on the Kotlin Training Day event page. That’s where you’ll also find more information, including a detailed schedule of events.

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