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Lambda Lille

The eighth Lambda Lille virtual meetup is happening on December 10th at 7:00 p.m. CET. This meetup will be presented in English, and will feature a talk by 47 Degrees CTO Raúl Raja.

Roll your own Computation blocks in Kotlin

Computation blocks empower library authors and users to build ad-hoc operators and DSLs over any data-type getting rid of API complexity and simplifying composition. In this talk, we will learn how we can build Computation blocks over Kotlin suspend functions & the Arrow Continuations library’s reset / shift capabilities. We will demonstrate the composition of well known JVM data-types and patterns such as lists, futures, streams, and IOs, where callback chains can be simply replaced by a single suspended operator.

The Kotlin suspension system provides enough capabilities to implement delimited continuations allowing us to ignore methods such as map & flatMap on your favorite data-type in favor of direct imperative syntax. Leveraging Kotlin suspension & thinking of Continuations as “The Mother of all Monads,” we will embark on this journey where we’ll build and roll our own computation blocks with Arrow Continuations.

Learn more about the event and register at the Lambda Lille meetup page.

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