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Lambda World Programming Meetup

Join us for the very first Lambda World Programming Meetup - Cádiz chapter!

This event takes place December 1st at the Xebia Functional office in Cádiz and runs from 6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. CET.

The inaugural meetup for the Lambda World Programming Meetup - Cádiz chapter will feature a talk by Juan Manuel Serrano, co-founder of Habla Computing and associate professor at the University Rey Juan Carlos.

A Few Things You Always Wanted to Know About Tagless-Final* (*But Were Afraid to Ask)

  • Is tagless-final the same as the MTL style?
  • Which is the type of tagless-final programs for a given algebra?
  • Pattern-matching on tagless-final terms . . . is that possible?
  • Bottom-up or top-down? How do I optimize tagless-final programs?

These are some questions about the tagless-final style which we will attempt to answer in this talk (using Scala). In doing so, common themes in functional programming practice will pop-up everywhere: phantom types, type systems, Church encodings, Reader/Writer monads, etc. Familiarity with the style is not mandatory, but it will help. We’ll do our best to make a programmer-friendly talk!

This event will also feature food, drinks, and networking. And although the meetup is free, space is limited. So be sure to register for the Lambda World Programming Meetup ASAP.

If you’re unable to attend in person, this event will also be streamed online.

This meetup is a joint Meetup in partnership with the ScalaMAD: Scala Programming @ Madrid. Check them out, and consider becoming a member if you aren’t already!

About the Lambda World Programming Meetups

The Lambda World Programming Meetup promotes an environment for sharing knowledge on various programming languages, tool sets, and concepts. Local in person Meetups, and streaming globally, with food, drinks, and networking with likeminded people of all backgrounds and skill levels.

Lambda World Programming Meetups are sponsored by Xebia Functional (formerly 47 Degrees) and are a subset of the Lambda World Conference.

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