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MadridJUG's June Meetup

MadridJUG’s June Meetup

Join us on June 6th at the MadridJUG Meetup for a talk on Kotlin!

Raúl Raja

Our CTO, Raúl Raja will be presenting Functional Programming in Kotlin with Arrow:

Arrow is a library that started as a port of Typelevel Scala cats with the name Kategory and eventually got fushioned with Funktionale, The two main FP libs for the Kotlin Programming Language and is now evolving to bring the best of typed FP to Kotlin.

This talk covers some of the main data types and abstractions that make typed Functional Programming in Kotlin Possible.

Arrow features techniques such as monadic comprehensions, laws, applicative builders, emulated higher kinds, free monads, and global typeclass instances for the increasingly popular Kotlin programming language. We discuss some pragmatic applications of Arrow and some of the different styles you can adopt when working with typed FP in Kotlin alogn with a proposal to introduce type classes and higher kinds as part of the language.

More information can be found at the MadridJUG Meetup page.

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