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Netherlands Functional Programming Day

Netherlands Functional Programming Day

The Netherlands Functional Programming Day takes place Jaunuary 10th in Amsterdam at the University of Amsterdam. Researchers, students, and practitioners who share a common interest in functional programming meet up at this event to attend talks and networking opportunities.

Alejandro Serrano, a Senior Software Engineer at 47 Degrees, is presenting at the event.

Mu: easy microservices using type-level techniques

Microservices are a common architectural pattern nowadays. However, a lot of complexity happens “at the borders” of each microservice, that is, in the serialization and transport of information. Mu is a Haskell library whose aim is for you to focus on the core logic, and not on those implementation details. With Mu you can use an existing schema (for example, in Protocol Buffers), turn it into type-level information, and then serve them in a variety of formats (like gRPC). Mu uses quite some GHC type-level machinery to achieve its goals. You can think of it as “Servant, but for microservices”. This talk explores both the practical usage of the library and some of the interesting design decisions.

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