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Northeast Scala Symposium 2020

Northeast Scala Symposium 2020

Join Rebecca Mark, a senior software engineer from our team, on March 13th at the Northeast Scala Symposium 2020 in Brooklyn, New York, where she’ll demonstrate how comonads can be encoded in Scala, using the Game of Life as an example.

Comonads and the Game of Life

Have you heard of Conway’s Game of Life? How about comonads?

Let’s put these two things in conversation and implement the Game of Life in Scala!

In this talk, we’ll shine the spotlight on the lesser-known dual of the Monad: the Comonad. If you’ve ever wondered where comonads are useful, or simply what they are, this talk is for you! First, we’ll introduce the concept of a comonad with commonplace data structures. We’ll also demonstrate how comonads can be encoded in Scala, and finally we’ll show how the Game of Life is an example of a domain in which the properties of comonadic computation are elegant and powerful.

Tickets for this event are available on the Northeast Scala Symposium website.

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