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  • December 10, 2018
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Functional Programming in Swift with Bow

Functional Programming in Swift with Bow

Join us on December 10th at the NS Coders Night in Madrid for a presentation from Tomás Ruiz entitled, Functional Programming in Swift with Bow.

Although Swift incorporates numerous features present in functional languages ​​(optional, first order functions, combiners, etc.), it still lacks tools that allow us to write code in a purely functional way. In this talk, we will present Bow, a library for functional programming in Swift. We will outline what Functional Programming is and the benefits it provides us while developing software in this paradigm. We will progressively explore the characteristics Bow provides, allowing us to convert our written code imperatively in a more functional way. Some of the characteristics that we will present are:

  • Composition of functions, currying and partial application
  • Data types: Option, Either, Try
  • Effect management with IO
  • Integrations with other libraries: Rx, BrightFutures
  • Higher-Kinded Types and Typeclasses
  • Writing of polymorphic programs with HKTs and Typeclasses

This presentation will be in Spanish.

Find out more information and RSVP at the NSCoder Night Madrid Meetup page.

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