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  • November 08, 2016
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Scala at the Sea November Meetup

Scala at the Sea November Meetup

Join us for the November meeting of Scala at the Sea in Seattle!

On November 8th, 2016, Alex Popiel will discuss Arbibitrary Precision Rational Numbers. He explains, “The ICFP Programming Contest 2016 (Origami paper folding) required working with arbitrary precision rational numbers without rounding errors. To handle this, I implemented basic arithmetic on a Ratio case class, but ran into some interesting challenges when making the builders do normalization (so that 1/3 and 2/6 would yield identical objects for equality and hashing). This talk is a walk-through of building this Ratio class, then some applications in 2-dimensional Cartesian geometry including translations, rotations, reflections, and isometries… all done without floating point numbers.”

Doors open at 6:30 PM with the talk beginning at 7 PM. And yes, there will be food and beverages provided.

The 47 Degrees headquarters will also be holding open office hours prior to the meetup. Stop by our Pioneer Square digs, grab a coffee or beer and chat Scala and Spark with us.

To get to the WhitePages office, enter through the 4th Ave. entrance and take the escalator up to the 3rd floor and then the elevator to the 16th floor.

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