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Scala Days - NYC

Scala Days NYC

47 Degrees is proud to be a gold sponsor of Scala Days in NYC!

Join us from Monday, May 9th through Wednesday, May 11th at New World Stages for one of the premier conferences for those interested in the Scala language. The event brings together developers from all over the world to share their expertise and new ideas creating applications using Scala, and related technologies like Akka and Play Framework.

47 Degrees will also have a booth at the event, so make sure to stop by and talk Scala with us and score a free t-shirt and other cool swag! We’re happy to announce that we will also be sponsoring Scala Days in Berlin from June 13th-16th.

Noel Markham, a 47 Degrees Senior Software Engineer will be presenting on Wednesday, May 11th at 2:30 PM:

Being Creative with Genetic Algorithms and Typeclasses:

Typeclasses are a hidden gem of the Scala language. They provide an immense power not seen in imperative languages, and so their approach might be unusual or alien to those approaching Scala from an imperative background. I will show how typeclasses allow developers to effectively attach their own interfaces to code written by others. In this talk, I describe what a genetic algorithm is and provide an example implementation in Scala. Using this implementation, I will demonstrate how to define a specific typeclass for our problem. I will then derive several different implementations, showing how to get rock solid confidence in testing our algorithm - with the help of ScalaCheck - and then provide a completely different typeclass to provide a fun, visual and creative solution, illustrating the iterations and improvements as the genetic algorithm’s fitness function runs. The talk will be particularly hands-on, with plenty of examples run directly from the REPL.

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