Scale by the Bay

  • November 15, 2017
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Scale by the Bay

47 Degrees will be speaking at the 2017 Scale by the Bay. Join us November 15th - 18th for three days of in-depth talks on Scala, functional programming, End to End Data Pipelines, Reactive Systems, DevOps and Microservices, and more at Twitter HQ in San Francisco, CA.

Two of our Senior Engineers will be presenting:

Andy Scott

Andy will be presenting on Thursday, November 16th at 4:00 PM. His talk Freestyle is about an open source library from our team. Freestyle is a framework for building pure FP applications and libraries in Scala using common patterns like free monads and tagless final. The framework emphasizes beginner friendliness by eliminating boilerplate. We will briefly talk about the main features of Freestyle and then live code a sample application backend with several small microservices.

Noel Markham

Noel will be talking on Saturday, November 18th at 11:10 AM. His talk Creating a physics simulation with Scala JS will be an interactive session of writing code, with no slides, to create a basic physics simulation using Scala JS. Starting with a fresh project, we will create a small Javascript application which allows objects in motion to interact with themselves and their environment. The project will be driven by types, to help create a model of the world, and should show the awesome power of Scala and Javascript working together.

Thinking about attending? Get tickets here and we’ll see you in California!

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