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  • September 22, 2016
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Seattle Spark Meetup

Seattle Spark Meetup

September’s Seattle Spark Meetup will feature two talks including one from 47 Degrees Senior Architect and Trainer, John Nestor.

John Nestor:

Strongly typed Scala operations for working with Spark Datasets:

The addition of Datasets to Spark was a big step forward for Scala developers by providing static typing rather than the dynamic typing of DataFrames. Sadly, many operations on Datasets still require dynamic types where checking occurs at run-time. This talk describes a project is to add a new set of transforms on Scala Datasets that are fully static typed so checking of existence of field names and the types of fields can occur entirely at compile-time. The transforms operate on Datasets whose element type is a Scala case class. Each transform takes one or more Datasets and transforms them to produce a new Dataset. Code is available on GitHub.

Brandon Kvarda:

All of the Things - Exploring IOT with Spark, Kafka, and Kudu:

This talk will examine the IOT/maker ecosystem to get a view into what sort of things are being made by average people and companies alike. Data will be collected and analyzed in realtime from the public API on Particle.io, which contains a messaging platform for wi-fi and cellular microcontrollers.

The event will kick off at 6:00 PM for socializing, eating and drinking with the first talk beginning at 6:30 PM.


You can view John’s slides from his presentation here:

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