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  • September 30, 2016
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Typelevel Community Conference Cádiz

2016 Typelevel Community Conference Cádiz

Join us Friday, September 30th for the Typelevel Community Conference in Cádiz !

This day of Typelevel sessions will be co-located with Lambda World, a functional programming conference hosted by 47 Degrees.


47 Degrees’ Noel Markham’s presented, “Using Typelevel to make the most of ScalaCheck”. He explains, “ScalaCheck can be such a powerful tool that sometimes you need to rein in how it operates in order to get the most value, to make your tests as understandable and concise as possible. In the second on my series of ScalaCheck talks, I will discuss the value of adding other Typelevel libraries alongside ScalaCheck, such as Cats, Shapeless, Refined, and a new date/time library, in order to get as much value as possible from this great testing suite without having to make any compromises to quality or coverage.”

You can view the slides from the presentation here:

Typelevel ScalaCheck

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