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Typelevel Summit Oslo

Typelevel Summit Oslo

47 Degrees is proud to be a Platinum sponsor of the Typelevel Summit in Oslo.

Join us on Wednesday May 4th, 2016 at Teknologihuset in Oslo, Norway for talks on types and pure functional programming from leading industry contributors. The Typelevel Summits aim to make the concepts and ideas that make up the Typelevel Projects more widely accessible, despite their use of “advanced” Scala. The conference will feature a full-day of scheduled talks. The conference is open to all and new participants are encouraged to participate!

Make sure to catch the talk from our team member Alejandro:

Alejandro Gómez García:

Fetch: Simple & Efficient data access:

Fetch is a Scala library for simplifying and optimizing access to data such as files systems, databases, or web services. These data sources usually have a latency cost, and we often have to trade code clarity for performance when querying them. We can easily end up with code that complects the business logic performed on the data we’re fetching with explicit synchronization or optimizations such as caching and batching.

Fetch can automatically request data from multiple sources concurrently, batch multiple requests to the same data source, and cache previous requests’ results without having to use any explicit concurrency construct. It does so by separating data fetch declaration from interpretation, building a tree with the data dependencies where you can express concurrency with the applicative bind, and sequential dependency with monadic bind.

It borrows heavily from the Haxl (Haskell, open sourced) and Stitch (Scala, not open sourced) projects. This talk will cover the problem Fetch solves, an example of how you can benefit from using it, and a high-level look at its implementation.

Several members of our team will be in attendance, so make sure to keep an eye out for the 47 crew and say hi when you see them! 47 Degrees is a global functional programming consultancy and Lightbend Certified Scala partner, Spark Systems Integrator from Databricks, and Scala Center Advisory Board member. We’ve got a dedicated team of expert Scala and Spark engineers ready to help with your projects!

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