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Raoul-Gabriel Urma at Lambda World 2016


Pragmatic Functional Refactoring with Java 8

You may be hearing a lot of buzz around functional programming. For example, Java 8 recently introduced new features (lambda expressions and method references) and APIs (Streams, Optional and CompletableFutures) inspired from functional ideas such as first-class functions, composition and immutability. However, what does this mean for my existing codebase? In this talk, we show how you can refactor your traditional object-oriented Java to using FP features and APIs from Java 8 in a beneficial manner. We discuss things like:

  • How to adapt to requirement changes using first-class functions.
  • How you can enhance code reusability using currying.
  • How you can make your code more robust by favoring immutability over mutability.
  • How you can reduce null pointer exceptions with Optional.

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