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Pascal Voitot at Lambda World 2016


Describe & Conquer (& Freek)

Through some basic code samples not requiring deep theoretical background, Pascal will show how to build (in Scala) everyday-life program by pushing a bit further the good old separation of business logic description from execution. This will rely on basic Domain Specific Languages (DSL), combined using buzz-concepts like Free monads, Coproducts & monadic ‘onions’. Naturally, he’ll also demonstrate how to compile descriptions into effectual computations using interpreters. He’ll use OSS ‘Freek’ library developed in the context of Project September startup to help tame those creatures in a seamless way. Eventually, he’ll try to scratch a few deeper concepts like limitations, Free monads ‘transpiling’ & optimizations, compile-time optimization of Coproduct structure, SI-2712 patch etc…

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