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Simon Belak at Lambda World 2016


Doing Data Science with Clojure

Having programmers handle data science is a terrible idea if everyone else were not even worse. The problem is, of course, tools. We seem to have settled on either: a bunch of disparate libraries thrown into a more or less agnostic IDE, or some point-and-click wonder which no matter how glossy, never seems to truly fit our domain once we get down to it. The dual lisp tradition of grow-your-own-language and grow-your-own-editor gives me hope there is a third way. This talk is a meditation on the ideal environment for doing data science and how to (almost) get there. I will cover how I approach data problems with Clojure (and why Clojure in the first place), what I believe the process of doing data science should look like, and the tools needed to get there. Some already exist (or can at least be bodged together); others can be made with relative ease (and we are already working on some of these), but a few will take a lot more hammock time.”

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