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Raúl Raja at LX Scala 2017


An Introduction to Freestyle

In his LX Scala talk, 47 Degrees CTO and Co-founder Raúl Raja, introduces Freestyle, a library that enables building large-scale modular Scala applications and libraries on top of Free monads/applicatives. He discusses some of its design choices and some of its main features such as: Decoupling program declaration from runtime interpretation, Automatic composition of despair, monadic/applicative style actions originating from independent ADTs, Automatic Dependency Injection and Onion style architectures through composable modules without the complexity of manually aligning Coproducts and interpreters, and ready to use algebras and integrations

Visit Freestyle and follow Raúl @raulraja for more information.

About LX Scala:

LX Scala 2017 was held May 11-12th in Lisbon, Portugal. With over 9 speakers, 160 attendees, and plenty of networking, the 2nd LX Scala was a great success.

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