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Sofia Cole and Kingsley Davies at LX Scala 2017


Scala Services in Action

In their joint talk at LX Scala, Sofia Cole and Kingsley Davies gave a presentation about Scala services in Action.

Microservices have become one of the main sweet spots for Scala development teams. What frameworks are out there to make delivery teams more productive? How do the stacks, stack up ? And what are the important factors for comparison? In this talk Kingsley and Sofia will compare half a dozen of the main microservice frameworks, considering factors from ease of use and supporting documentation to programmer joy. If you’re new to microservices or the Scala framework landscape, or just want to see an interesting, fast paced and fun presentation this is for you.

Visit Underscore and ITV and follow Sofia @sofiacole35 and Kingsley @kings13y for more information.

About LX Scala:

LX Scala 2017 was held May 11-12th in Lisbon, Portugal. With over 9 speakers, 160 attendees, and plenty of networking, the 2nd LX Scala was a great success.

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