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  • December 04, 2019
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Functional JVM Meetup

Valentin Kasas speaks at the Functional JVM Meetup about managing schema evolution with SchemaZ.

Talk Description SchemaZ is a Scala library for representing schemas, deriving typeclass instances from them and managing schema evolution.

Schema evolution often requires changes that are not backwards compatible. For example, a custom JSON (de)serializer generated back in the day at compile-time. Now it doesn’t work anymore, because you had to evolve your business model.

The talk provides an insight into abstracting away this repetitive, low-value code that sneaks into many projects. Is it possible to allow for our business classes to evolve without breaking compatibility, while keeping the necessary boilerplate to a minimum? Are there other benefits far beyond mere serialization concerns? Watch the talk to find out!

You can follow Valentin @ValentinKasas on Twitter for more information.

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