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Data Engineering

Unlocking limitless possibilities by ditching legacy data systems

New technologies enable companies to take advantage of machine learning and big data analytics like never before. And our engineers are highly skilled when it comes to helping companies modernize legacy systems to harness the big data potential provided by next-generation technology solutions.

Industry Challenges

Companies that want to take advantage of the benefits of data in a big way face the challenges presented by the limitations of antiquated infrastructure/technology.

  • # Legacy systems are ill-equipped to handle the massive amounts of data on which enterprises rely. Even best of breed legacy platforms are generally incapable of performing the necessary data ingesting and processing required to keep businesses competitive.

  • # As data needs and dependencies grow, systems need to be able to scale, leveraging hybrid and cloud-native data technologies. Data engineering is not an afterthought; it should be embedded in applications as they are built.

47 Degrees Solutions

Our experts have specialized knowledge when it comes to data engineering. 47 Degrees draws on this experience and expertise to provide clients with battle-tested, cutting-edge solutions.

Key Results

A data analytics company partnered with 47 Degrees to review their existing services and architecture and update their fuzzy logic for matching collected data and refactoring existing software for deployment in a microservices platform.

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