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Logistics and Supply Chain

Data Engineering and Scalable Solutions for the Logistics and Supply Chain Industry

Data-driven managed services are at the heart of the Logistics and Supply Chain industry. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are providing new ways for businesses to integrate systems and optimize all that data to deliver operational efficiencies across complex networks. Our engineers know how to meet the specialized needs required in this ever-evolving industry. Our experts draw from their extensive experience, confidently guiding clients through the obstacles they face, and provide innovative solutions to modern problems.

Industry Challenges

Moving products from point A to point B sounds deceptively simple. But businesses in the Logistics and Supply Chain industry know the unique challenges that come with managing and coordinating the movement of goods. Providing the best possible service while keeping costs low, and the agility to adapt to unforeseen obstacles requires developing strategies that are data-driven and that take full advantage of the latest technology. But the increasing reliance on massive real-time data highlights the importance of reliable and efficient data streaming solutions and the strategic use of artificial intelligence and process automation.

47 Degrees Solutions

Rather than masking problems or applying some quick fix bandage, 47 Degrees provides clients with battle-tested software solutions to meet the unique needs of the Logistics and Supply Chain industry.

  • # Data Engineering
  • # Software Architecture and Implementation for IoT, telemetry, digital twins, complex logistics pricing, etc
  • # Bespoke Training

Key Results

A meta-carrier for shipping packages anywhere in the world partnered with 47 Degrees to assist in the migration from legacy code to Scala and to provide this expertise across the business, including:

  • # Backend Carrier Integration
    • Migrating the integration with external carriers to a microservices architecture, developed in Scala.
  • # Frontend Development
    • Refactoring the consumer frontend to make it more user-friendly, scalable, and maintainable.
  • # Location Services
    • Migrating existing location services to a cloud-based architecture and ensuring this was integrated with the core business solution.

47 Degrees also helped a leading global logistics company move data from different sources to their on-premise data platform to help relieve pressure on operational databases, and to provide a new unified source for performing analytics and data science.

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