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Media, Marketing, and Analytics

Audience analytics solutions for media and entertainment companies

Real-time data analytics provides media companies with unprecedented audience insights. The ability to understand audiences like never before enables media and entertainment companies to build stronger relationships, fine-tune custom, targeted advertising, and make better business decisions overall. The experts at 47 Degrees know the specialized requirements of this audience-focused industry. They pull from their extensive experience to help clients navigate through obstacles, identifying and implementing innovative solutions to modern problems.

Industry Challenges

In approximately the span of half a lifetime, the nature of media and content consumption has changed beyond recognition, from a handful of terrestrial broadcast channels to a multitude of digital, on-demand global services available on any device. Digital technology collapsed many layers and barriers of traditional media and entertainment, and continues to do so.

Big data and analytics are changing the way companies in the entertainment and media industry operate. It’s being used to personalize the audience experience, it’s controlling how networks and content creators operate, and it’s changing how success is measured. Although many media and entertainment companies have rapidly adopted data-driven solutions, it’s not without its challenges.

  • # A modern infrastructure is needed to take advantage of big data processing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and robust analytics. Costs associated with data processing and storage, and infrastructure costs can be substantial. Additionally, waiting until the end of the day for a batch report is no longer acceptable. Fortunately, SaaS and cloud storage and processing options provide more cost-effective real-time solutions.

  • # Accumulating and utilizing vast amounts of personal data raises data privacy and security concerns. Data solutions need to include privacy by design.

  • # Because today’s media/entertainment content is served on digital platforms, there’s a real need for Reactive solutions that are resilient under unpredictable loads, that scale elastically, and are stream-oriented and event-driven in nature.

47 Degrees Solutions

Rather than masking problems or applying some quick fix bandage, 47 Degrees provides clients with battle-tested, cutting-edge software solutions.

Key Results

  • # Working with a leading subscription podcast network, 47 Degrees deployed teams on iOS and Android platforms to help with architectural decisions and refactoring of existing code to improve connectivity, application performance, and stability.

  • # 47 Degrees was brought in by a provider of Internet streaming media delivery software and services to assist with the development of a new proof-of-concept Scala-based backend service, web app, and web extension for the company to serve up information about music and videos being watched on its platform.

  • # For this same company, a 47 Degrees team worked to build out the Customer Data Exchange where all customer data lived, which enabled users to easily update preferences and settings and allowed marketing to have a single source of information to push promotions and other marketing materials.

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