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Mobility and IoT

Driving the enterprise digital transformation with IoT data

The Internet of Things (IoT) has changed how businesses operate and opened the door to all sorts of possibilities. This wide array of interconnected devices helps streamline and automate processes, making it easier for employees and business systems to access data for decision making, as well as augmenting and enhancing customer experiences. The idea of deploying and managing a Mobility/IoT ecosystem can sound like a daunting task, but our engineers know how to meet the specialized requirements of this ever-evolving industry. With extensive experience to guide them, the experts at 47 Degrees work with clients to identify and implement the best solution for each individual situation.

Industry Challenges

The widespread adoption and integration of IoT and mobility demonstrates how enterprises are using connectivity to transform businesses. But companies looking to implement IoT and Mobility solutions are met with several challenges.

  • # Dependence on legacy infrastructure leaves companies ill-equipped to handle network complexities.

  • # The various devices and systems need to be able to connect and communicate with each other.

  • # As the number of mobile and IoT devices grows, so too do security concerns.

  • # All these connected devices both generate and rely on massive amounts of data, and that data needs to be efficiently managed and served in real-time.

  • # Dealing with so many different devices requires architecture that can handle multiple standards and protocols, and can scale and evolve over time.

47 Degrees Solutions

47 Degrees presents clients with the best battle-tested software solutions to meet Mobility and IoT needs.

  • # Cloud Migration

Key Results

47 Degrees partnered with a global connected car data company to provide Scala expertise to migrate from one streaming solution to another solution that was more suited to the business. 47 Degrees was also involved in creating a developer portal to allow external developers to access car manufacturer data.

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