Big Data Solutions for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Like many other industries, the pharmaceutical industry is evolving and adapting to take full advantage of big data. Leveraging big data helps streamline processes, increase efficiency, and aids in research & development. Our engineers know how to meet the specialized needs of this data-driven industry. Our experts draw from their extensive experience, confidently guiding clients through the obstacles they face, and provide innovative solutions to modern problems.

Industry Challenges

Time and accuracy are critical elements for the pharmaceutical industry. Whether it’s to combat a health issue or good old-fashioned competition, expeditiousness and efficiency are crucial to bringing a new drug to the market. But that’s easier said than done. Companies in this industry face a number of challenges:

  • # Antiquated infrastructure/technology impairs a company’s ability to efficiently utilize data during crucial stages like research & development and clinical trials.

  • # New solutions are needed to apply AI advantages like predictive modeling and analysis to processes like drug discovery.

  • #
    Effective sales and marketing requires the ability to analyze large amounts of customer behavior data.

47 Degrees Solutions

Rather than masking problems or applying some quick fix bandage, 47 Degrees provides clients with battle-tested software solutions to meet the unique needs of the pharmaceutical industry.

Key Results

47 Degrees partnered with a global pharmaceutical company to develop a compiler to improve query power and performance, helping the company leverage the power of big data to shorten drug discovery times.

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