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Real-time Platforms

Get the most out of your data with real-time platforms

Real-time data can provide extremely valuable information on which companies can base key business decisions. Additionally, end users have grown accustomed to it, and they expect the hyper-personalized experiences it can provide, which makes real-time data a must have for businesses in a wide variety of industries. Our engineers are well-versed in industry-leading cloud-native frameworks and runtimes. Our experts draw from their extensive experience, confidently guiding clients through the obstacles they face, and provide innovative solutions to modern problems.

Industry Challenges

The importance of big data at the enterprise level is surging, and therefore, the popularity of real-time streaming tools has skyrocketed. But there are challenges faced by companies looking to take advantage of real-time data.

  • # Real-time data requires substantially more robust data systems than the legacy infrastructure many companies are currently operating.

  • # The price required to build out a custom/private on-site data warehouse can be cost-prohibitive

  • # Systems need to be responsive and adaptable to varying workloads, scaling in a cost-effective manner.

  • # With many real-time data solutions available, it can be difficult to identify the correct platform for a specific business’ needs.

47 Degrees Solutions

Rather than masking problems or applying some quick fix bandage, 47 Degrees provides clients with battle-tested software solutions to meet the unique needs of businesses seeking real-time platform solutions.

Key Results

A leading sports betting and gaming operator brought in 47 Degrees to provide them with specific advanced expertise, to design and build microservices for their platform, create and implement a custom rules engine, and additionally, provide valuable front-end services and training for their team.

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