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Architecting Typed FP Applications & Libraries in Kotlin with Λrrow

KotlinConf 2018

This talk includes a comprehensive walkthrough of the most important patterns covered by the data types and type classes we find in Λrrow. Each pattern will be accompanied by code examples that illustrate how Λrrow brings Typed Functional Programming to the Kotlin Programming Language.

We will learn the fundamentals of Typed Functional Programming applied to Kotlin with the library Arrow and how we can architect applications and libraries that are polymorphic and composed of pure abstract functions using type classes.

Arrow provides a unified programming model in by which Kotlin practitioners can build programs relying on the traditional FP, MTL and Effect type classes in a Tagless Final style offering levels of flexibility and techniques new to the Kotlin FP community.

This talk was given by Raúl Raja at KotlinConf 2018 in Amsterdam on October 5th, 2018.

For more information, visit: Arrow and read up on KEEP-87

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