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Arrow Fx - Functional Programming for the masses


Conference for Kotliners 2019

Arrow Fx: Functional Programming for the masses

One of the big cons of Functional Programming can be the learning curve. In this talk, we’ll learn how to encode “effectful” programs in a controlled way following the FP principles through a direct syntax. You’ll think you’re writing imperative code! Some additional bits we’ll learn:

  • What’s an effect
  • Why we’d want to keep in under control
  • How to control errors and encode deferred execution through IO and further more powerful data types to be released.
  • How to use the power of Kotlin suspension system to enforce us to keep our side effects under control.
  • And much more.

This talk was given by Jorge Castillo at Kotliners Conf 2019.

More information on Arrow Fx can be found here: Arrow_kt.io.

Thanks to Guillermo Orellana for the thumbnail photo of Jorge!

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