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Team Augmentation

Our skilled engineers can seamlessly integrate with your in-house team, provide additional bandwidth, and adapt to your mission-critical workflow while bringing in years of development expertise.

Team Augmentation Services

With the technological landscape constantly fluctuating and evolving, companies are often hard pressed to find the level of experience necessary to complete projects or make a technology transition. The question often arises, do we supplement our in-house team to increase productivity as they learn a new language or technology? The answer should be yes.

At 47 Degrees, we take pride in seamlessly integrating and advancing our clients projects from initial planning and development to deployment and every sprint in between. We know the pitfalls, what mistakes to avoid, and how to fix bugs because we’ve done it before.

What you’ll get with a Team Augmentation engagement with us:

  • Immediate Expertise

    Our engineers are highly skilled in a variety of Functional Programming languages and related technologies and can fast track your project.

  • Mentoring and Peer Programming

    We work hand in hand with your in-house team to help improve their skills, and make sure only the highest quality code is being used - a short term process that provides you with a long term solution.

  • Architecture and Design Guidance

    High-level design and architectural advice to help find the right solution for your business.

  • Code Review and Quality Control

    We monitor code to ensure that best practices are applied to every step, increase test coverage, reduce boilerplate, and improve usability.

  • Domain-Driven Design and CI/CD

    Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment to ensure your project is set up for the future.

  • Daily Pull Requests and Stand-Ups

    Providing deliverables during every sprint and maintaining an open line of communication allowing for transparency for project owners and flexibility for the developers.

  • Platform Optimization and Performance Tuning

    Our team’s comprised of certified Engineers with real-world production experience and extensive experience in the Big Data and NoSQL spaces.

Whether it’s long-term or short-term, on-site or a customized remote engagement, we’ll facilitate the creation and execution of your projects efficiently, utilizing the best technology possible, so your applications not only succeed, they excel.

Specializing in

  • Angie's List Case Study

    The Engineering team at Angie’s List knew that they needed to transition their site to a more modern, flexible and performance-based framework like Scala. Their rapid growth was not compatible with the current .Net legacy stack and they were finding the infrastructure to be inflexible, slow, and lacking the usability they required to move forward. When they needed specific expertise from highly experienced Scala developers for the transition, the team turned to 47 Degrees.

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  • Mark Brewer

    Increasingly, organizations demand web applications that are resilient, interactive, scalable and even-driven to meet end user expectations. Reactive applications like these require sophisticated tools and middleware to build, deploy and manage them. The team at 47 Degrees has demonstrated impressive creativity and vision in this new space of reactive applications and we’re thrilled to have a working partnership as they continue to help build forward thinking web and mobile applications with Scala, Play Framework and Akka.

    • - Mark Brewer
    • CEO, Lightbend

Take Advantage of our Knowledge

Don’t waste precious time and resources while converting or hiring new developers who aren’t familiar with the technology, tap into our technical expertise with a team augmentation engagement with 47 Degrees. We’re here to help.