Javier de Silóniz

Javier de Silóniz

Senior Software Engineer

Javi loves technology since he put his hands on a computer keyboard when he was less than 4 years old. While studying his Computer Science degree, he spent a lot of time developing small homebrew games and demos for portable video-game consoles like Gameboy Advance and Nintendo DS. This would have been a mere anecdote if it didn't lead him to what has been a great chunk of his professional career: 6+ years of experience developing iOS apps, from small entertainment apps built for himself to million-users apps for corporations like Radio Televisión Española (Spain's national broadcasting company).

That experience was the gateway to become a member of the 47 Degrees family, applying his knowledge about FP to develop both iOS apps and Scala-powered backend servers. In his spare time, he still finds minutes in the day to keep learning stuff like Japanese (a language he's been studying since he was 11 years old) or playing the ukulele.

Fun fact: the first words he wrote were typed on a computer keyboard. Can you guess what they were?

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Sep 17, 2015

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