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47 Degrees specializes in Akka integration and training, effectively building highly concurrent, distributed, and fault-tolerant applications on the JVM.

What is Akka?

Akka is a toolkit for building highly concurrent, distributed, and fault-tolerant applications on the JVM. Easily configure how actors are created and managed during instances of failure. Anytime you need high-throughput and low latency; Akka is the key.

47 Degrees provides

Why use Akka?

Akka is based on the Actors Model and makes it easier to manage and process big data by sharding databases and reducing the risk of integrity loss within your data.

  • High performance:

    Akka processes up to 50 million messages per second on just a single machine.

  • Simple concurrency and distribution:

    Akka makes concurrency simpler and is message-based and asynchronous.

  • Resilient by design:

    Build applications that mend themselves when something goes wrong using the “let it crash” model.

  • Elastic and decentralized:

    Akka boasts adaptive cluster management, load balancing, routing, partitioning, and sharding.

  • Extensible:

    Akka’s extensions help you adapt to fit your needs and critical goals.

  • Angie's List Case Study

    The Engineering team at Angie’s List knew that they needed to transition their site to a more modern, flexible and performance-based framework like Scala. Their rapid growth was not compatible with the current .Net legacy stack and they were finding the infrastructure to be inflexible, slow, and lacking the usability they required to move forward. When they needed specific expertise from highly experienced Scala developers for the transition, the team turned to 47 Degrees.

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  • Mark Brewer

    Increasingly, organizations demand web applications that are resilient, interactive, scalable and even-driven to meet end user expectations. Reactive applications like these require sophisticated tools and middleware to build, deploy and manage them. The team at 47 Degrees has demonstrated impressive creativity and vision in this new space of reactive applications and we’re thrilled to have a working partnership as they continue to help build forward thinking web and mobile applications with Scala, Play Framework and Akka.

    • - Mark Brewer
    • CEO, Lightbend

Ready to see how Akka can help you?

Akka is part of the Reactive Platfrom and is commercially supported by Lightbend. As an official Lightbend Partner specializing in helping companies go Reactive, we can seamlessly integrate Akka into your software mix. Build better applications today with a consulting engagement and Akka integration with 47 Degrees. Get in touch to discuss how we can best meet your needs.