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Google Cloud Platform

Big Data Solutions

An innovative, real-time data processing, NoOps platform that removes the need to build and maintain infrastructure and improves productivity and time to insight. It’s an end-to-end solution, and with a cost effective “only pay for what you use” structure, offering plenty of flexibility.

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Answer queries from very large DBs, scale to perabytes at a fraction of the cost, and benefit from a fully managed NoOps solution that supports SQL, ODBC, JDBC, and other industry standards. Analyze your data in real-time with the benefit of increased insights.

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Cloud DataFlow

A simple, fully managed, unified programming model for building and executing a wide variety of data patterns including streaming parallel and batch data pipelines. Minimize latency and maintain high-availability with on-demand resources and free yourself from no-value operational tasks.

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Cloud Dataproc

An easy, fully-managed service for running Apache Spark (or Hadoop) clusters at a unprecedented per-minute rate. Fast and scalable data processing including an average cluster action taking less than 90 seconds means you’ll have more time to extract insights from your data.

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Cloud Pub/Sub

A fully-managed real-time messaging service providing “at least once” low latency delivery, high availability, on-demand scalability, and easy integration with other Google Cloud products. With Push and Pull delivery, a simple REST API, and data security and protection, this is the same product that powers Gmail and many of Google’s apps.

Digital Transformation in Software and Data

Amar Patel - VP Business Development - EMEA

“There's no magic pill to get digital transformation done but maybe we can help. 47 Degrees is a boutique software engineering consultancy helping some of the world's largest organizations build out responsive and resiliant software and data platforms”

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