Computing Solutions on Google Cloud Platform

Computing Solutions

A scalable range of computing solutions offering everything from load-balanced, resilient services to highly customizable VMs, and fully-managed, serverless solutions designed to free you from worrying about infrastructure so you can focus on innovation.

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Compute Engine (GCE)

Run large-scale workloads on virtual machines hosted on the same infrastructure that powers Google. Increase competitive advantage by reducing costs, improving innovation and product quality, and improving time to market.

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App Engine

A flexible NoOps solution for building highly available apps; eliminating the need for costly hardware and operations costs, all while improving efficiency, consistency, and increasing speed to market for new apps.

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Google Container Engine (GCK)

Run Docker containers on Google Cloud, powered by Kubernetes. Container Engine actively schedules your containers, based on declared needs, on a managed cluster of virtual machines. Set up clusters in minutes while having the flexibility of integration with multiple cloud providers.

Training Feedback

Tomas Ruiz-López - Instructor

“It’s really impressive to see how people are grasping functional concepts and going in-depth with functional programming and solving exercises with ease so quickly, when four days ago, they’d never written in Kotlin.”

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