Write multi-paradigm, multi-platform software in the Apple ecosystem and the server.

What is Swift?

Swift is an open source language maintained by Apple, primarily used for writing applications in the macOS, iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, and tvOS environments, but also on the server.

47 Degrees provides

Why use Swift?

Swift is a rapidly growing, multi-paradigm programming language mainly used, but not limited to, writing software for the Apple ecosystem. The language inherits many object-oriented programming characteristics from Objective-C but has quickly evolved to include a variety of features from Functional Programming, resulting in a delightful experience when writing strictly typed, concise, and safe code for your applications. Some of the key benefits of Swift include:

  • Type safety

    The compiler enforces checks for possibly absent values or errors thrown from the code, forcing the programmer to deal with edge cases.

  • Conciseness

    The language removes the superfluous and focuses on writing expressive code with less boilerplate. Type inference also helps to write more succinct while maintaining its power.

  • Interoperability

    Swift maintains compatibility with Objective-C and plays nicely with other languages in the LLVM.

  • Performance

    Swift was designed with performance in mind, making it faster than its predecessor and other modern languages.

  • Tool support

    Xcode provides full support to developing using Swift. The Swift Package Manager complements it and makes it easier to work with external dependencies.


Open Source Projects in Swift:


Bow is an open source library for Functional Programming in Swift. It features numerous abstractions in its core module, together with additional modules for working with effects, optics, and streams, among others. It is sponsored and maintained by engineers at 47 Degrees.


nef is a tool for augmenting the capabilities of Swift Playgrounds. It lets you generate Markdown files, Jekyll sites, and Carbon snippets from a Swift Playground; it also handles and supports compiling 3rd party dependencies.

Bow OpenAPI

Bow OpenAPI is a command-line tool for generating a network layer written in Swift from a Swagger / OpenAPI specification. It is based on Bow Effects, having a result that is intrinsically composable and testable.

  • Angie's List Case Study

    The Engineering team at Angie’s List knew that they needed to transition their site to a more modern, flexible and performance-based framework like Scala. Their rapid growth was not compatible with the current .Net legacy stack and they were finding the infrastructure to be inflexible, slow, and lacking the usability they required to move forward. When they needed specific expertise from highly experienced Scala developers for the transition, the team turned to 47 Degrees.

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  • Mark Brewer

    Increasingly, organizations demand web applications that are resilient, interactive, scalable and even-driven to meet end user expectations. Reactive applications like these require sophisticated tools and middleware to build, deploy and manage them. The team at 47 Degrees has demonstrated impressive creativity and vision in this new space of reactive applications and we’re thrilled to have a working partnership as they continue to help build forward thinking web and mobile applications with Scala, Play Framework and Akka.

    • - Mark Brewer
    • CEO, Lightbend

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