Training | Advanced Functional Programming in Swift with Bow

This course introduces more advanced concepts in Functional Programming that will help you write more generic and reusable code.



This course focuses on more advanced concepts of Functional Programming in Swift using Bow. Bow addresses some limitations in Swift regarding Higher-Kinded types and provides a set of utilities that are built on top of the machinery that emulates them.


  • Knowledge of Swift.
  • Familiarity with FP in Swift.
  • A computer with macOS and Xcode installed.
  • We recommend that you first take the course Functional Programming Fundamentals in Swift.
  • What you'll learn

    Higher-Kinded Types

    • Swift Generics Type System and its limitations
    • What are Higher-Kinded Types?
    • Creating your own type with HKT support.
    • Adapting existing types to work with HKTs.

    Type classes

    • Modeling generic behavior with type classes.
    • Combining data with Semigroup and Monoid.
    • The Functor Hierarchy.
    • Type class laws.
    • Creating your own type classes.
    • Polymorphic programs.

    Company and Private Group Training

    Company and Private Group Training


    This Advanced Functional Programming in Swift with Bow includes:

    • Maximum Class Size of 15
    • Access to Academy EduTools Platform
    • Access to Course Materials
    • Certificate of Completion
    • Access to a Private Channel with Trainers in the Academy Slack
    • A Q&A session one week post-course
    • A pre-and-post meeting with our trainers