Training | Getting productive with Mu

Learn how to accelerate your micro-services development with Mu.



Mu is an open-source framework designed to ease and accelerate the development of micro-service-based architectures, with a strong emphasis on Functional Programming. By taking a schema-first approach and generating boilerplate code from the schemas, Mu allows for rapid and robust development of RPC-based micro-services architectures.


  • Previous experience with Scala
  • Previous experience with building micro-services-based architectures

What you'll learn

  • The general architecture of Mu
  • Defining schemas in Avro and Protobuf
  • Generating RPC services from schemas with Mu
  • Automating serialization
  • Streaming services
  • Composing services
  • Typelevel derivations

Company and Private Group Training

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Company and Private Group Training


This Getting productive with Mu includes:

  • Maximum Class Size of 15
  • Access to Academy EduTools Platform
  • Access to Course Materials
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Access to a Private Channel with Trainers in the Academy Slack
  • A Q&A session one week post-course
  • A pre-and-post meeting with our trainers

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