Training | Scala Fundamentals

This training course is an overview of the basic concepts of Scala for beginners.

16 hours


Scala is a powerful functional programming language for building solid systems and ambitious projects. This course has been designed to cover the fundamentals of the language and provide beginners with enough knowledge of its features to be successful in developing projects in Scala.


  • One year of experience with any object-oriented or functional programming language.

What you'll learn

As an introduction to programming in Scala, we'll review the basics of:

The Scala REPL

  • SBT
  • Scala programs and common patterns
  • Algebraic data types
  • Generics
  • The Scala Standard Library

    • Types: Classes, Objects, Case classes, Traits, Tuples, Literals and Option.
    • Collections: List, Maps, Sets, Ranges, Sequences, Array, Iterables, Traversable.
    • Statements: Pattern Matching, For-expression, Implicit.
    • Functions: Higher Order Functions, Partially Applied Functions, Partial Functions, Infix/Postfix Operation, Byname Parameters, Repeated Params.
    • Type classes as an extension of the Scala type system.

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    Alexandru Simonescu

    “I’ve been developing software for more than ten years, and I think that learning functional programming through this training opened my mind and gave me more tools to solve my daily tasks in a more efficient way.”

    Ilia Berlana

    “This training was amazing. It gave me a new point of view about programming. I’ve been programming in Java for ten years in the backend on Android, and my next challenge is Kotlin, and this training helped me a lot.”

    Juan Carlos García

    “I’m very happy because I learned a lot, and I got some new tools I can use in my work day-to-day.”